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Why You Need an SSL Certificate to Secure Your Website

by ListingsToGo
May 16, 2022

The Benefits of Using SSL Certificates for Realtor Websites

The internet is a continuously evolving space, which means developers are tasked to innovate at pace with the changing challenges and opportunities presented. Protecting information, data, and digital real estate is critical to the security and efficacy of the internet.

Protection for websites needs to outpace the creativity of cybercriminals. Website platforms like Google have been at the forefront of developing protocols for a safer internet, encouraging the use of HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) protocols. This ensures the data going through browsers to websites is encrypted for maximum security.

Safety measures will only continue to become more rigorous. Sites that have not adopted the HTTPS protocol, through the use of SSL certificates, will be designated as “Not Secure”.  Sites that have SSL certificates will continue to be displayed with green https letters in the URL. You may wonder about the importance and benefits of SSL certificatesfor your real estate business.

SSL Certificate Definition and Benefits

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates ensure that data of visitors to your website will only be shared through a secure network. This is similar not putting sensitive personal information on sites while connected to an open, shared, and unsecured wifi network. For example, you probably wouldn’t open your online banking portal while connected to a shared network. Though secure networks and SSL certificates aren’t exactly the same thing, they both involve protecting sensitive data, and people using the internet. 

Why You May Want to Consider the Use of SSL Certificates

  • Increased site security: SSL certificates protect data, such as, login credentials, email and home addresses, payment/bank information, phone numbers, and personal details, which are often transmitted from and to your website. This happens through encrypting the connection between your site and your website visitors. This is an extra and important layer of protection to keep your website visitors’ data from falling into the hands of digital thieves and attackers.
  • Encourages valuable trust of your prospects and clients:  One significant benefit of SSL certificates is the comfort it gives your visitors, knowing that their data is protected with you. Especially in real estate where people searching for a house, a representative to sell a house, or doing research on neighborhoods, want to know that the information they trust to websites will be protected. With SSL certificates, your website will display with a security padlock in the address bar of the browser. This shows that the connection is secure and tells people who go to your sitethat you value their privacy and are to be trusted. Without it, some browsers (such as, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Internet Explorer) may actually label your site to visitors as “unsafe.” Under this condition, you are likely to lose first-time visitors who aren’t sure about the consequences of visiting your site and won’t want to take a chance. Returning visitors may also have a negative impression of you and your site for not properly respecting their privacy. 
  • SEO advantages: Another advantage of SSL certificates is improved SEO rankings. Google initiated an “HTTPS Everywhere” campaign, which gives a slight boost in rankings to websites with encrypted connections. The SEO bump isn’t significant, but may give you a ranking advantage over other realtors who don’t have certificates.

How to Get SSL Certificates

The best and simplest way to update websites with SSL certificates is through your website host. For example, we offer certificates for our websites, for all of the above reasons. We understand the value it brings to our clients, and therefor to their clients. It is critical when choosing a website company for your real estate website, you ensure SSL certificates are readily available. 

In summary, the benefits of obtaining SSL certificates, even if no money or payments are secured on your site, far outweigh any potential expense. Getting a certificate for your website is easier and more affordable than it’s ever been in the past - breaking down barriers for their use. We encourage you to add that extra layer of security for your website visitors and gain their trust.


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