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You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

by ListingsToGo
May 10, 2022

You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a 1st Impression…We Help with That!

This old expression couldn’t be more true of your digital presence. With people increasingly making purchase and contracting decisions based on information and impressions from digital sources, now more than ever realtors need to put their best foot, and face, forward on the internet. Your website may be your prospects’ first impression of you. After visiting your site, are they left feeling WOW or BLAH?

Website users often leave a new page in 10–20 seconds. That’s not long to communicate your value and ability to meet their needs. With the data overload that most of us experience, attention spans are getting shorter. People searching for a house or for a professional to represent them in the buying or selling of a home, won’t take time to sort through the dizzying array of options. If they don’t already have a realtor, they are far more likely to choose someone based on the impression they get after doing an internet search. This increases the need to establish a positive impression at the first point of contact. 

You need to know what your prospects should experience when they land on your website. A quality realtor website home page should include: 

  • Compelling content
  • Home search function tied to MLS
  • Attractive and relevant images
  • User-friendly function and design
  • A clear call to action
  • Options to contact
  • Lead capture function
  • Testimonials or other validating data

We design sites with a clear value proposition, to hold people's attention longer and entice them to take action - such as doing a home search, reaching out for a showing, or looking up data on interesting neighborhoods. 

As you know, all too well, realtors are very busy folks - managing multiple demands and wearing many hats. It’s no surprise, then, that a quality website doesn’t always get the attention it requires. It’s not easy to put a priority on your digital presence, when daily fires need to be put out. That’s why we’ve created this essential service - to help realtors present themselves powerfully and effectively online, without spending bags of money and oodles of time. We’re proud of our solution and our clients are benefitting every day. 

Please get in touch (link to your contact page) to take this critical step toward growing your real estate business in the Washington DC real estate market (add all markets you want identified specifically).

ListingsToGo is a website technology and and marketing platform for real estate professionals. Since 2003, ListingsToGo has served agents and brokers in the BrightMLS area with IDX websites and extensive technology capabilites.

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