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Your Real Estate Business Needs a Mobile Website

by ListingsToGo
May 23, 2022

Your Real Estate Business Needs a Mobile Friendly Website

Why Are Mobile Friendly Websites so Important?

Most people in our country not only have a smart phone, but they spend a lot of time on it. Mobile devices are used for all kinds of things previously reserved for desktops and laptops. They are used for checking email, getting directions (GPS), social media, news, and searching on the internet. In 2016 mobile internet use surpassed desktop use, by 52% mobile to 48% desktop. With so many eyeballs on their phone, the need for a mobile responsive website is critical. Imagine if someone looked up one of your listings on their phone and couldn’t navigate to get the information they need. That could easily be a lost client.

We make sure all of our websites are optimized perfectly for mobile devices. We understand how critical it is to your success for marketing your real estate business. Here are the reasons why:

Google rewards mobile-friendly websites - Probably the most important reason to have a mobile-friendly site is that Google rewards sites that are configured correctly for mobile devices, and conversely punishes those that are not. Google’s algorithm for how websites are displayed in searches clearly favors mobile-friendly sites by ranking them higher, giving them a greater chance of being seen in searches. Ranking high in search results is a primary function of a well-designed real estate website.

People are using mobile devices more than laptops and desktops to do everything from simple internet searches to purchasing big ticket items and much more. We are a mobile society, always on the go. People searching for homes and real estate related content want to be able to find it quickly and easily. If your website isn’t configured professionally and properly, you may miss out on potential clients.

It helps your image by building credibility with your audience. A well-designed mobile friendly real estate website will help support your marketing efforts. People who search on their phone and find your site, because it is optimized, are more likely to become clients. They are more likely to trust your expertise

Mobile websites are becoming the industry standard. At ListingsToGo we only design mobile-friendly responsive real estate websites. That means you’re sure to get the highest quality industry-specific site. Our finger is on the pulse of best practices and developments in the real estate industry. Your business is important to you and we’re here to ensure your online marketing is up to the highest standards.

Websites that aren’t mobile-friendly are quickly falling behind the state of the art sites that are now so affordable. As the industry continues to develop, websites that are not properly optimized will be pushed out of the search results by better mobile-friendly sites.

Please get in touch and let us show you your new professionally-designed and optimized real estate website for marketing your business.

ListingsToGo is a website technology and and marketing platform for real estate professionals. Since 2003, ListingsToGo has served agents and brokers in the BrightMLS area with IDX websites and extensive technology capabilites.

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