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Why Moms Make Great Real Estate Agents

by ListingsToGo
May 10, 2022

Why Moms Make Great Realtors®

Being a Mom isn’t easy. Being a professional real estate agent isn’t easy either. Both of these roles share some common attributes. This is why so many Realtors® are moms, and why they are such great agents. This week we are turning our focus to the amazing moms we know, in celebration of Mother’s Day on Sunday.  This blog looks at the characteristics that real estate agents and moms have in common.

Agents and Moms are excellent guides - It is inherent in both real estate and child raising, that a hefty dose of guidance is required. Most non-licensed people don’t have the knowledge and expertise to successfully manage a home sale or purchase on their own. They need the assistance of someone who does have those skills. Just as mothers are there to provide knowledge, direction, encouragement, and support to their children, so do agents work similarly with their clients to navigate the home buying/selling process.

Agents and Moms are good listeners - In order to most effectively and efficiently meet your client’s needs (in the case of agents), and children’s needs (in the case of moms), there must be hearing, listening, comprehension, and appropriate action. Good agents know how to ask the right questions and listen to their clients, with the goal of getting the best outcome. When agents and moms listen with an ear toward the best course of action, the end result is always better.

Agents and Moms are great negotiators - The best agents and moms know how to bring about an outcome where everyone wins. Whether it’s negotiating a better price for home or compromising on the amount of vegetables to be eaten at dinner, there is a skill in finding just the right approach. No one has to sacrifice their own needs, neither should they prioritize their own agenda at the expense of another. The most effective people know how to do this well.

Agents and Moms are tightrope walkers - You must have a lot of bandwidth to deal with the constantly changing focus and needs of kids. The same can be said for home buyers and sellers. Just as in families with children, when facilitating the most significant purchase in a person’s life, there is a seemingly endless To Do list, with more items being added faster than they come off. Agents and moms have to balance, stretch, shift focus, change gears, and prioritize, often on a dime.

Agents and Moms are cheerleaders and counselors - Aside from all the knowledge and real-world experience they have to offer, agents and moms are fundamentally caring and supportive. They truly want their charges to be happy, get what they need, feel good about what’s going on, and move on to be successful in their next phase. They do all they can to help. They are dedicated, committed, and purposeful toward meeting a quality goal. These are the people you want on your team!

If you are both a Realtor® and a mom, or considering becoming either, we hope you are encouraged and inspired to know you can do both with excellence. Whether you’re a mom of littles ones, big ones, or furry ones, or if your mothering is shared with family, friends, and neighbors…Sunday is your day to celebrate you. Thanks for all you do to make the world a better place. Please get in touch and have a Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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