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Real Estate Professionals Should Use Video

by ListingsToGo
September 22, 2022

Real Estate Professionals Should Use Video

People are very visual…it’s just how we’re wired. We respond more positively and consistently to images over text. Video, being moving images accentuated by speech and/or music, has been shown to be highly effective at capturing and maintaining the attention of an audience. This is why video is such a powerful marketing tool and the new “must-have” in every agent’s toolkit. 

With over 70% of homebuyers today using video to search for a home, agents who aren’t using that medium to attract eyeballs to their listings are losing opportunities. Savvy home buyers and sellers in the BrightMLS area are looking for agents who are comfortable leveraging the latest and best technology.

Sites like YouTube have leveled the playing field, making professional-looking video available to everyone. With all of the apps and platforms dedicated to video production, it’s no longer necessary (though you may still want to for high-end homes) to hire a professional videographer. A good camera, or even a cell phone with the right apps, will do an incredible job of presenting the best of a home. 

Not only are more home buyers/sellers looking to video in the search process, but utilizing this approach adds to greater efficiency for agents when showing properties. There may be elements of a house that a buyer has as absolutes, either positive or negative. Being able to present a home in a more natural and fluid manner will refine the process and mean fewer showings that don’t end with an offer.   

With the increase in video consumption by online users, agents who are leveraging this technology now are more likely to increase leads, sales, website traffic, and visitor engagement.

Beyond virtual house tours and listing videos, here are some other ways you can use video to boost your digital real estate: 

Own Your Neighborhood - Use video to present the neighborhood where you specialize. We talk a lot about the value of “farming” in a specific community, video is a fun and effective way to tell the story of an area. Do a montage of homes, yards, and shared spaces. Interview some residents asking what they love about living there. Show the surrounding amenities - restaurants, businesses, parks, etc. 

Local or Regional Market Updates - Be the expert on all things real estate in your area by sharing housing data. This can be done in a blog or Facebook post as well, but you’re much more likely to get an audience and engagement with a video of you sharing your expertise directly with your public. People relate well to others who present as real. 

VLOG - The same approach as above can be said for launching a regular video session to educate your audience. If you like the idea of video, doing a regular real estate blog in video format (Vlog) could be very effective. This is especially true for those of us who are more comfortable as talkers than writers. Either way, getting your message out there will better position you as an industry expert and trustworthy to gain more clients. 

Promotion - This can include your service area, neighborhood descriptions, experience, background, and testimonials. A promotional video can sit on your website, social media channels, landing pages, and/or a YouTube channel. When properly optimized with keywords, video is an excellent resource for boosting SEO as well. 

There are a lot of good smart reasons to include video in the highly visual world of real estate, within the advancing technologically environment where we work. Please reach out and let us help you create the kind of digital presence that puts you at the top of your market.

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