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Must-Have Elements of Every Real Estate Website

by ListingsToGo
May 3, 2019


The Must-Have Elements of a Realtor® Website

All websites are NOT created equal. You can spend thousands of dollars and end up with a site that could’ve been procured for next to nothing. You could try to create a site for yourself and spend countless hours figuring out platforms, themes, and apps. There are a myriad of web designers and developers, as well as marketing companies, who do excellent work, but how do you know you’re getting the best product for your needs at an affordable price? This blog will delve into our recommendations for must-haves for every real estate website. 

As specialists in the design and development of Realtor® websites, we are experts in what constitutes a fantastic website for our clients. We know what real estate agents want and need, because a large part of our staff has had extensive professional experience in the real estate industry. There are some absolute necessities we insist on putting into every website, and some effective bells and whistles we recommend.

A Way to Contact You - It is critical that your website have a contact page, with obvious contact links on other pages. Your audience needs a way to connect with you quickly. It should also contain more than one contact method - call, text, email, Facebook, etc. The power of your contact page is only as strong as your response to it. Make sure you respond promptly to every non-spam message. If you don’t reach out quickly to a prospect, they are likely to move on to someone who will be more responsive.

Integrated IDX - Your website will be rendered only as useful as a brochure if you aren’t allowing your audience to search for properties from your site. If searchers, buyers or sellers, have found their way to your site, you want them to be able to research and get the answers they seek through your site. Since this is considered an absolute for Realtor® websites now, prospects are likely to leave your page and land on the site of another agent who does have integrated IDX capabilities. 

About Section - Humans want to connect with other humans, especially when it comes to trusting someone with the most important buying decision of their life. It is essential to present yourself, with all your strengths, experience, and background, as the real person you are. 

Lead Generation - Some website developers may put this in the nice but not necessary category. As a professional real estate agent, leads are your life blood. Your website is a key element of your marketing strategy, therefore, integrating effective lead generating tools is critical to the overall power and effectiveness of your site. 

These are the elements we consider to be website must-haves for all Realtors®. There are, however, several others tools we highly recommend and offer to our clients. Next week’s blog will go into detail about what makes a real estate website really shine. Please let us know if you’re ready for your shiny new website. 



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