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Absolute Must-Haves

by ListingsToGo
February 18, 2022

Absolute Must-Haves for Every Real Estate Website

If you’re a Realtor®, you know your business is unique . You have some needs and challenges that are unlike any other professional. Because of that, your website, which is the “store front” of you business, should contain certain elements with your audience in mind. We have written previous blogs about what every website should have. In this article we will discuss what is particular to your business and why it’s so important that your website have these critical components.

We talk a lot about the importance of having an impressive digital presence to represent your real estate business. We do this not just because creating beautiful Realtor® websites is what we do; we look at a lot of agent sites that are not serving them well. We see the mistakes and poor function, and we want to help. If you’re not sure what makes a truly excellent agent website, here are your must-have’s.

  1. IDX search integration clearly placed on the home page - people are landing on your site either through a search engine, links from another site, or personal contact. Since one of the primary reasons for agent site visits is to find a house to buy, your website should allow that function easily and obviously. You don’t want people who visit your page to have to search for the option to search.

  2. Quality images and video - people are visual and relate what they see to how they feel. A clear and inviting image of a beautifully designed home, happy neighborhood, or luxury development will elicit positive feelings in the observer. They are more likely to stay longer on your site, look more, and engage with you as the Realtor®. The power of images cannot be understated. Put the investment into good photography and video resources. There are many available resources specifically for real estate agents.

  3. Your Story - people connect with other people more than buildings and text. Make your website about you as it relates to your audience. Your About page, bio, and head shot should be warm, interesting, and reflect your uniqueness. Be concise about your qualifications and don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through, but of course, always keep it professional.

  4. Quality content - anyone can throw images, text, and links up on a page and call it a Realtor® website. What can you offer your audience, from only you, that they value. Blogs and original social media posts are a great way to deliver fresh industry or community information. Over time, your digital presence will become a resource for your area’s home buyers, sellers, and referral sources. Creating original content also sets you up as an industry expert and leader - a valued position for anyone working in real estate.

  5. Ask for the contact - your website needs to have calls to action (CTA’s) that compel visitors to want to connect with you further. Joining your newsletter list, asking for more information about a property, wanting to be informed about properties coming available in a particular area, are examples of providing a way for your audience to stay connected to you, and therefor you stay connected to them. This is a highly valued asset as you grow your connections and sphere of influence. The more people who see your content through blogging, social media posts, newsletters, emails, etc.,the more you stay top of mind and become the agent of choice when they’re ready for your services.

These elements for designing and developing the best real estate websites should give you an idea of how your site can and should be your best marketing asset. We are in good company as we continue to support and encourage Realtors® to develop a powerful digital presence. In this article by Realtor® Magazine, these same concepts are discussed. This professional publication is also dedicated to the development of the real estate industry and the people who work in it.

Please get in touch so we can help you create the best digital presence for your unique real estate business.


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